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United Peer Learning, Integrating New Knowledge
UPLINK: Uniting Peer Learning, Integrating New Knowledge (UPLINK) is an after-school program which provides proactive activities for participants using the 5C's.
Giving your best
Building healthy relationships
Being assured in yourself and others
Making positive decisions
Moral standards
Tutors are available for students to get homework help, learn different skills and participate in fun activities.
To participate in UPLINK please fill-out the UPLINK Applications!!
MMS Uplink Coordinator- Suliana Aki 808-213-1188 (cell) or 808-774-8531 (S-101) 
MMS Uplink Program Assistant- Greg Lourio
MMS Uplink Study Hall Instructor- Chrissy Paleka
MMS Uplink Study Hall Instructor- Healani Mawae
MMS Uplink Study Hall Instructor- Olelo Hamakua-Poepoe
MMS Uplink Cook Instructor- Greg Lourio
MMS Uplink Sports Instructor- Danny Sterner
MMS Uplink Alaka'i Instructor- Michael Holm
MMS Uplink Photo/Video Instructor- Kelly Kaawa-Richardson
MMS Uplink Robotics Instructor- Edwin Mendija/ Cody Place
MMS Uplink Study Hall Substitutes- Kelly Kaawa-Richardson
MMS Uplink Volunteer- Fred Aki
UPLINK Program Specialist- Catie Tejeda